Monday, August 16, 2010

Exploring Prescott NF (FSR 52)

Well with news reports of temperatures climbing to a sweltering 110°F we knew that we needed to head for higher ground! So once again we were loaded with food, gear and gas. Stared at the map for a bit and we were off! As usual getting out of town is the easy part!

After about 2 hours of highway we hit dirt and begin to navigate our way through beautiful Prescott NF.

While navigating forest roads for the better part of an hour and a half and getting deeper into the woods we decided that we needed to find a suitable spot to make camp for the night. We found a couple of locations but it seemed that they had already been occupied (by a swarm of bees) so we hastily made our retreat in search of a "vacant" site only to come across this gem a few miles further down the trail.


The next morning I woke up at about 5 A.M. and decided to get a fire going for breakfast and warmth until the morning chill burned off. I had all but struck the match and noticed the forest begin buzzing ferociously. I decided to hold off on the fire as I would prefer to not have anyone stung by Honey Bees or Yellow Jackets. With the hum getting louder and louder and not knowing how many were coming I decided to wake the family and plan our escape route.

By this point we had been buzzed by 2-3 (confirmed) Yellow Jackets and the hum only grew louder and louder. With Five transfered directly from the tent to his car seat and only a couple more items from the tent left to toss in the truck; I flipped the tent closed and decided that the cover could wait to go on. Once again we were on the run!

With a few attempts to stop and secure the tent cover only to have more Bees show up and try to fly into open windows we were finally able to get to an area with less Bee activity to get the cover on and strapped down. We could then stretch our legs and "smell the Roses"!

With snacks in hand and more sunshine and cool weather we leisurely worked our way towards Crown King, AZ while continuing to enjoy the sites along the way.

As we thought we were almost out of the woods a Brachiosaurus tried to eat my tires!!!

I actually pulled over to take Five's jacket off and this little guy fell out of his hand and landed just like this... photo-op.

While safely averting danger we managed to get off the mountain in one piece. Being all of about 8:30A.M. we decided to head North back into Prescott near the area we entered the National Forest.

After breakfast in Prescott at St. Michael's Cafe we managed to strangle some more dinosaurs while playing hide and seek in the park.

Walked the streets for awhile and just simply enjoyed being out of the heat but we all knew that would have to end sooner or later.

But as the old saying goes "all's well that ends well!" And so it is. 

We hope you'll follow us on our next adventure!

Louis, Lindsay and Five

Monday, August 9, 2010

Exploring Sitgreaves NF (FSR 99)

So after extensive research and eventually a little packing we hit the road and planned to camp somewhere in the Sitgreaves NF. With reports of rain we planned accordingly and prepared to get a little wet. With the rain clouds lurking off in the distance; we knew that we needed to get to camp and get set up or we would be miserable, wet and hungry.

The climb. This looked very simple but turned out to be a little more challenging due to the previous days rainfall causing the soil underneath to be very loose.

Making an 8 point turn to head in the other direction.

Still turning. The trail looks really wide but I am actually turning around on a grade and there are fallen trees on the driver's side that I am trying to avoid.

Finally turned around and headed in the right direction.

From there we aired down to 20 PSI and proceeded to FSR 179 and turned right on FSR 179B.

Looks like we made it just in time! As we heard the thunder roll in the distance we knew it was closing in on us. 

Cozy, settled in and getting warm by the fire. Shortly after Lindsay prepares Five for bed; a story by the lamp and a bottle of milk would allow us to have the rest of the evening to ourselves.

The next morning around 5:30 we awoke to the pleasant sound of rain prancing like elephants on the tent roof and were relieved to be warm, dry and off the ground. We knew exactly which direction that we wanted to go. Let's roll!!

Once on the trail we traveled down FSR 99 which is the road we camped on for the night. Taking our time we took in some scenery, stopped for lunch, and enjoyed side roads such as Valentine Rd and FSR 512 which looped back around and spit us out in this sleepy little slice of American pie know as Young, AZ.

We waved goodbye and prepared for more dirt as the pavement disappeared. And with Lindsay behind the wheel we were off!

Next stop was US 60 to the 101 and home. 

We hope you'll follow us on our next adventure!

Louis, Lindsay and Five